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Retro Enamel Brooch Badge Accessories Lucky Symbol

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Black 8 billiards: originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th century, with free batting rights as the rule, the player who finally scored the black 8 ball wins, representing the dawn of victory.

ROARING TIGER:inspired by the Yokosuka embroidered jacket, and the black tiger is a classic element of Yokosuka.

Indian Chief: A mysterious tribal leader who is the "natural ruler" of the region to which he belongs, symbolizing authority.

Indian Thunderbird: In Indian totem culture, the Thunderbird is the master of the sky, and the Navajo Nation regards it as a sign of victory, which means luck.

Indian Tomahawk: Tomahawk is a light short-handled throwing axe used by North American Indians to hunt wild beasts, representing the spirit of the US falcon.